The Opposite of Spoiled

Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money (2015.2)


关于本书 About the book

Written in a warm, accessible voice, grounded in real-world experience and stories from families with a range of incomes, The Opposite of Spoiled is both a practical guidebook and a values-based philosophy. The foundation of the book is a detailed blueprint for the best ways to handle the basics: the tooth fairy, allowance, chores, charity, saving, birthdays, holidays, cell phones, checking accounts, clothing, cars, part-time jobs, and college tuition. It identifies a set of traits and virtues that embody the opposite of spoiled, and shares how to embrace the topic of money to help parents raise kids who are more generous and less materialistic.

But The Opposite of Spoiled is also a promise to our kids that we will make them better with money than we are. It is for all of the parents who know that honest conversations about money with their curious children can help them become more patient and prudent, but who don’t know how and when to start.

本书金句 Key insights

● Money can actually help prevent your kids from growing up spoiled. Because children who learn about money also learn thrift, curiosity, generosity and patience – qualities that most would consider the opposite of “spoiled.”

● Many times children who enquire about money are interested in the subject for a specific reason. Once you’ve established why the child is asking the questions, it’s essential to give them an honest answer, never lying or sugarcoating your response.

● Allowances are excellent practice for children to learn about money and how to spend it. So as soon as your child can count, start giving them a small sum Once you’ve given your child an allowance that’s independent of their chores let them spend it how they wish, allowing them to make mistakes.

● While the temptation to give your kids everything is palpable, by doing so you’re training them to define themselves through their possessions. On the other hand, children who don’t get everything they want at the drop of a hat learn patience through waiting.

● Safe and comfortable work can teach children a variety of skills that will aid them later in life.