How the Brain's Hidden Quest for Cool Drives Our Economy and Shapes Our World (2015.4)


关于本书 About the book

If you have ever wondered why SUVs replaced minivans, how one rap song turned the cognac industry upside down, or what gives Levi's jeans their iconic allure, look no further―in Cool, Steven Quartz and Anette Asp finally explain the fascinating science behind unexpected trends and enduring successes.

Taking us from Norman Mailer to normcore, Cool is surprising at every turn, and will forever change the way you think about money, status, desire, happiness, and choice.

本书金句 Key insights

● People consume cool products precisely because of the need for social recognition and a fear of embarrassment.

● Humans have been competing and cooperating forever, right? So products and consumption are just new ways of sending signals about ourselves to others in society.

● What’s considered cool also shifts depending on our standards and norms.